Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What we made for the Village Studio Tour

Instead of joining this week's group challenge bake from "Inside The Jewish Bakery", we opted to participate in the annual Village of the Arts' Studio Tour.

Friday, Anna with her flexible young fingers, adeptly demonstrated how to create an Asian Summer Roll. The photo below shows ones with shrimp. They start off vegetarian but you can customize them any way you want by adding chicken, tofu, seafood, varying the veggies, etc.

Rice paper wrapper around cellophane noodles, cucumber, carrot, snow peas, cilantro, shrimp and lettuce

We made several dozen and happily gave them all away, along with a delicious peanut dipping sauce, to everyone who stopped by. All day we heard a chorus of YUMs. I love being able to take the mystery out of something, then teach it to others who competently add to their own repertoire. We distributed a hand-out with recipes explaining how to create Asian Summer Rolls and two dipping sauces, plus a local resource for buying inexpensive oriental groceries. I don't know how to post it here. If you'd like a copy, send a request to me at

I was hungry for more Chinese food when this was over. Since I've been wanting to make Ming Tsai's Pork Pot Stickers, this seemed to be the perfect time. My dinner consisted of a veggie stir fry and a few pot stickers & sauce. They're outstanding. The rest, uncooked in the freezer, wait to be shared with our Friday taste-tasters down the road.

Pork Pot Sticker with homemade Dipping Sauce

Saturday I taught how to make delicious homemade bread with no tools and in a minimum amount of time. The recipes came from "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" and "Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day"; both books by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois.

Whole Wheat & Seeded Oat Loaf from "Healthy Bread...Day"

People were able to taste their crunchy Basic Baguette and Seeded Oat Loaf (seen above). There were samples of all of my jams, including my newest, Mango Daiquiri. Great way to start the day. 

The breads are made by simply mixing a few ingredients together in a large plastic container for 2 minutes. No kneading or fancy equipment required. Leave the covered container on your counter for two hours, during which the yeast causes the dough to bubble up. When it stops rising, place it in your refrigerator. You can use this dough to provide fresh bread whenever you'd like over the next two weeks. Just cut off a chunk, shape it, allow it to rise and then bake it. It's that simple. The time it spends in the refrigerator allows the enzymes in the dough to produce a flavor that normally would take a lot of time, effort & fussing. It's easy and tastes great.

This is also the week that I bake for Geraldson Farm's Co-op. As a result I have some extra muffins available. I'll also be at their first 
SUNDAY FARMER'S MARKET on Feb 26th from 11-3

Blueberry Lemon (foreground) & Cranberry Orange Muffins

Vegan Pumpkin Date Raisin Muffins 
Limited quantities available, call or email if you'd like to order some.

Wade Tatangelo wrote a wonderful article in the Bradenton Herald this past week about the house I built & live in. You can find it here:

If you'd like to be a taste-tester for this week's bake from "Inside The Jewish Bakery", stop by the TreeHouse on Friday from 2-4pm. We'll be making some kind of Sweet Egg Buns. The simple version is a knot roll but Anna & I want to experiment.

The TreeHouse is located down the driveway of 932 12th St West in Bradenton's Village of the Arts. Come through the white iron gate and follow the driveway back to the TreeHouse. We'll be waiting for you.

Pass thru the gate with the sign "BAD DOG BEWARE"

 Hugs from my kitchen,
Bonni & Anna

932 12th ST West
Bradenton, FL  34205

(941) 746-6647

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