Thursday, March 15, 2012

OMG, it's our last bake from the challenge

 Chocolate Babka cooling before cutting

Somehow the last three months have flown by and suddenly we're at the end of the "Inside The Jewish Bakery" challenge. For me it's been a wonderful opportunity to re-create and share delicious memories & tastes from my childhood. Even better, was experiencing it with others who had a similar reaction. And talking about the memories...

This challenge has given Anna & I another chance to play in flour together. Our final bake on Friday was the classic NYC favorite (especially if you watch "Seinfeld") CHOCOLATE BABKA...a fitting finale. I actually baked two more loaves on Saturday, one chocolate and the other almond-raisin-walnut. Some of you were the lucky recipients & taste testers of those. Here's the whole Babka back story.

Special dough sprinkled with Belgium chocolate & cinnamon sugar

Yup, the filling was uniformly sprinkled by very experienced hands

Two different sized Babkas, twisted sisters in their loaf pans

Risen Chocolate Babka, topped with streusel & ready to bake

Ah, delicious Chocolate Babka with a river of chocolate running thru it

The other Babka, with almond paste, raisins & walnut filling

NO photos of this baked Babka because it was devoured too quickly

Now it's time for both of us to do something a little different. Anna is about to begin college full-time, in addition to working in St Pete. I've got to downsize my possessions & get my house in Whitfield Estates ready to go on the market. My dog Twinkie continues to do as little as possible, except for being funny & adorable.

 Thanks Pat for containing her exuberance!!

Many people have asked how they can order some of the wonderful things we've baked. I can do that by special order --  call me at 941-746-6647 or email 

Instead of our weekly tastings, I'll now be open during the Village of the Arts' monthly ArtWalk...the first Friday night from 6-9:30pm and the following Saturday from 11-4pm. There will be a variety of baked goods and collectibles available as I downsize my personal holdings.

Come visit the TreeHouse, it's down the driveway path alongside the former BONNI BAKES BAKERY/CAFE.  Walk thru the white wrought iron gate next to the green wooden fence, and follow the driveway.

My home, the TreeHouse, will be open to tour during the Village April 6th & 7th GARDEN WALK from 11-4. I'll also be at Geraldson Community Farm's Sunday Markets from 11-3, at the NW Bradenton farm. For info

For those of you who can't live without embracing (aka devouring) a bag of Chocolate Orgasm Cookies, Breadstix or those cookies I make with oodles of Belgium chocolate...they're available on Sundays at the farm & by special order. I've also canned some interesting jams, based on my incredible Keitt Mango Tree & local Strawberries. Check out my Strawberry Mango Cardamom, Mango Daiquiri, Mango Chutney and Strawberry Earl Grey jams

Here are some pictures of the delicious things we've baked recently:

Poppy Seed Bars


6-Braid Honey Whole Wheat Challah

Cheese Danish

Onion Rolls

Mandlebroyt mit almonds

NYC's signature Black & White Cookies

Ratner's Onion Pockets

Mango Pecan Rugelach

Cinnamon Raisin Buns

Brooklyn Bialys

A bevvy of beautiful delicious homemade jams & chutney

Hugs from my kitchen, 

in the Village of the Arts
932 12th Street West
Bradenton, FL  34205

(941) 746-6647

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