Thursday, March 1, 2012


The dough came together easily in the KitchenAid

The key here is to mix & develop the gluten sufficiently so it will "window pane". That means that when you gently stretch a small piece of dough it spreads without breaking until you can sorta see through it.

After enough mixing, the dough has to rise until doubled in size. At this point we decided to divide the batch of dough into equal halves, which allowed us to turn them into totally different recipes.

One half was destined to become the famous roll found on every table at Ratner's restaurant back in the day. A delicious filling of rehydrated onions, poppy seed, salt and oil was spread over 2/3rds of the dough.

After folding and spreading with more filling, which produced multiple layers, they were individually cut

I can't express how delicious the house smelled, surrounded by warm bread with virtually sauteed onions

Oh yes, there was still the other half of the dough to be transformed into Cinnamon Raisin Rolls. The raisins were soft after a soak in hot water, then joined by Vietnamese cinnamon & sugar.

Once rolled and sealed, the log was cut into 2 " pieces, then placed cut side up on a silicone baking sheet

If I had given it some thought, I would have glazed the tops with an egg wash & sanding sugar.
Instead, I just allowed them be au natural with a simple sprinkle of plain old cinnamon sugar.

The experiment worked...we got two totally different results from the same basic dough.
I celebrated with a crunchy salad. When I was at Geraldson Farm's first Farmer's Market last Sunday I came home with an abundance of fresh organic veggies. The yellow beets were fabulous and I plan on serving them with goat cheese & caramelized onions on a bed of greens. 

They'll be hosting a Farmer's Mkts each Sunday from 11-3 at the farm in NW Bradenton. I won't be 
there this week but plan on being back the following week. It's nurturing to support good 
food, good people and good ideas on a local basis.

This Friday (tomorrow) Anna & I will finally be baking BIALYS as part of the "Inside The Jewish Bakery" challenge. I'm all set to see if this recipe is better than the one I developed years ago. I've made the classic Zabar's Scallion Cream Cheese to shmear on them...what could be bad? 
Tastings are at the TreeHouse Friday March 2 from 2-4.

I've been in a cream cheese based mood, so I made these incredible rugelach filled with my homemade Mango Meyer Lemon & Lime Jam, golden raisins and Florida pecans. I won't be doing this again anytime soon because this fragile dough doesn't like to be handled in hot weather. But the taste is fabulous. If you want any of this limited batch, let me know. It's $4 for 5 oz of Heaven that melts in your mouth.

This is a very busy musical weekend in the Village of the Arts.

Fri March 2 at 5:30pm the soaring public sculpture "Chrysalis Launcher" will be dedicated by the community at the corner of 9th St/12th Ave. Then follow the drummers to 12th St/11th Ave for a celebratory musical concert with food & drink. Many Village galleries will have live music Friday night. Check out for more details.

SATURDAY March 3 put on your dancing shoes and spend the day with us as we DANCE THROUGH THE VILLAGE from 11-4. Lots of dancers will demonstrate, teach and ask you to join in this celebration of dance, music & movement. Everything from rock & roll, to belly dance, traditional Lao, ballroom, Broadway musical, Tai Chi, Celtic, Latin, Zumba, a CONGA LINE. Bring an acoustic instument, your tooties, family, friends and playmates. I'm co-chairing this event, so I'm prejudiced, but know you'll have a great time. 


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