Sunday, September 16, 2012

This week it's all about KNISHES in the kitchen

When I grew up in New York City there were always unique foods sold on the street. Roasted chestnuts in their shells were doled out in little paper bags, guaranteed to burn your fingers as you tried to peel them. Hot dogs were perfectly grilled then placed in a bun with loads of brown mustard & sauerkraut, sure to spill & stain your shirt. Knishes came in two flavors: potato or kasha. There were always two schools of knish thought: baked or fried. I've always been in the baked camp and that's what I'll be offering to you.

Potato Knish

Kasha Knish

Potato Knishes are filled with a well seasoned mashed potato & caramelized onion filling. Kasha Knishes add a hefty portion of steamed buckwheat groats (kasha) to the former. This is the type of hearty hand-held food that kept my Russian ancestors alive through those brutal Winters. More recent fillings have included Spinach, Broccoli & Cheddar or Sauerkraut. For dessert there's also Blueberry or Cherry Cheese Knishes.

Blueberry Cheese Knish

If you'd like to order some Knishes (Potato, Kasha or Spinach) they're available this week only for $3 each. They're individually wrapped and freeze well. The dessert knishes will be available in a few weeks at the Village of the Arts October ArtWalk (Oct 5 & 6).

To order:
Call me at (941) 746-6647 or email
Pick-up is on Friday or Saturday at my TreeHouse home in the Village of the Arts. Cash or local check.

If this is Knish Week, what could next week bring?

Hugs from my TreeHouse kitchen,


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