Monday, November 5, 2012


With the election just a day away, I expected a political call every time the phone rang today. This afternoon I was leery as I answered, prepared to listen to a recording for 10 seconds then hang up. So it was very surprising to discover the call was from a local law firm, with a real human on the other end. He asked a series of questions about my business, BONNI BAKES, which I wasn't about to answer. It was barely a month ago I discovered I was a victim of Identity Fraud, so I don't readily give information to strangers. Who was he? What did he want from me? 

As he spoke it became clear that he was looking for local businesses to join a class-action suit against BP related to the Gulf oil disaster, regardless of whether you thought you suffered damages or not. My heart aches for the folks who lost lives, property & businesses during that disaster. But me? Safely inland from the Gulf with no connection to the disaster, why was he calling me? He repeatedly tried to get me to join the suit, despite my telling him that I suffered no damage and had no intention of asking to be reimbursed for anything. I wonder if his law firm's fee is linked to the total number of people in "the class"? It turns out that the Village of the Arts is located within some arbitrary geographic area, where businesses can submit claims due to the disaster. He seemed unable to accept my statement that "I had no damage and believe all monies awarded should go solely to those who truly suffered." It was as if I was speaking Greek. Maybe he hasn't run into many people whose principles aren't swayed by greed.

On a more pleasant note, look who were wandering around during the Farmer's Market yesterday...

The two goats were adept at discovering yummy snacks wherever they wandered

Mr Darcy won't be appearing on anyone's table for Thanksgiving

We all love the various animals that Glenda & her lovely family bring with them to the market, along with their fresh goat products, including milk, cheese & yogurt. The official name for the Sunday market is PALMA SOLA FARMERS MARKET, and it operates from 10-2 every Sunday at Geraldson's Community Farm, just south of Robinson Preserve in NW Bradenton. 

This week I was delighted by the abundance of fresh farm veggies, like these:

Yellow, green & purple peppers
Yellow zucchini, see it cooked below

Zephyr squash
Gorgeous broccoli & heads of kale

Last week I bought some yellow zucchini and wanted to do something special with it. I rarely fry things, but thought that coins of those zukes, dipped in egg/salt/pepper then dusted in Panko breadcrumbs, would be delicious. And if I added a little Parmesan on top, that wouldn't hurt either. I was right!

Simple, but a wonderful mouth-feel of the crisp outside contrasted with the silky soft interior. I sauteed them in a thin film of half olive oil & butter in a frying pan on Medium, until brown on each side. Maybe a total of 8 minutes. The picture above represents one yellow zucchini. I gobbled it up in minutes. 

This coming week I'll make samples of Kale Chips from the farm's beautiful kale. Come out, taste a sample, get the recipe for free, buy the freshest kale you can imagine and make it for yourself at home. Quite amazing how it has the mouth-feel of potato chips, with whatever seasoning you'd like, yet the nutrition is just grinning in the background.  Prices at the Market are very fair and, many items are organic too!

Here's what I'm making this week. Since I've been eyeing all of those fabulous Fall pears, it was time to bring back a chutney that I did years ago...Ginger Pear, using both fresh & candied ginger. My latest jam is a combo of fresh pineapple, blueberry, raspberry & blackberry. Too damn many names to put on a label, even though you can taste all of the component tropical flavors. Just look for my Pineapple Berry Jam

I apologize to those of you who were disappointed that you couldn't get your fair share of Chocolate Orgasms this weekend and had to embrace "Plan B"...please, no details. I didn't anticipate the Festival of the Skeletons attendees were such fans. If you'd like to guarantee getting your cookies, or anything else from me, please get in touch so I can put yours aside. I truly appreciate the support you've given me all of these years and don't want to disappoint!!

I want something sorta sweet, so I'm going bake a NYC Classic Blueberry Cheese Danish Loaf. It's a rich dough filled with a creamy cheese filling & fresh blueberries. Instead of a hand held Danish, you cut off slices. Hand cut and $12/lb.

This is my version of the famous NYC Chock Full O'Nuts original sandwich bread...Whole Wheat Raisin Nut. For my taste it's great sliced & filled with Philadelphia Cream Cheese & sprinkled with toasted walnuts. Or toast a slice and spread with butter and/or jam. Either way a winner. $4.50/loaf

Muffins are Blueberry Corn, Cranberry Orange or the Breakfast Muffin (bacon, Cheddar, scallion & corn).

If you view this at you can see the menu listed at the side of the blog. Orders must be received by Wed at 5pm via email or calling me at (941)746-6647. 

Orders can be picked up at my TreeHouse home in the Village of the Arts on Friday & Saturday or at the Palma Sola Farmers Market on Sunday at Geraldson Community Farm. Find directions & information

During the writing of this I accidently hit some key that made everything I've done in the last 2 hours disappear. If you receive multiple copies, or  a plea for doggie snacks from Twinkie, please ignore that. DON'T IGNORE VOTING ON TUESDAY!!

Hugs from my kitchen, 

Bonni & the never-embarrassed Twinkie

Bonni Bakes
in the Village of the Arts
932 12th Street West
Bradenton, FL  34204

(941) 746-6647

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