Monday, December 3, 2012


because Chanukah intersects with the December Village ArtWalk, An Old Fashioned Village Christmas. This Fri 6-9:30pm and Sat 11-4pm. My dog Twinkie is wiped out just thinking about it. Let's take things in chronological order.

Each year the Village of the Arts celebrates by lighting up the Village (6pm this Fri) to kick off the celebration. Come join us & get in the holiday mood with The Barbershop Boys singing, as they roam through the galleries. Our 5 restaurants have holiday specials, while those of us on the street will WOW YOU with our unique goodies...look for me in the driveway of my TreeHouse at 932 12th St W, next to Sweets' Bakehouse. Santa will be there too, but you better be good or you'll find coals in your stockings. 

Move over Rudolph, BABE the Christmas Horse is coming to the Village! She's taking a break from her work at Prospect Riding Center for Therapeutic & Recreational Directed Equine Activies. Reindeer might have a WC Field's nose, but Babe has a immense HEART as she works with special needs folks, their extended family, care givers & service providers. Bring your kids to meet her up close, because she's a PEOPLE LOVER. BABE, assisted by Susan Tambone & her associates will be walking around the Village to wish you a happy holiday season!!

In honor of Chanukah, which begins Saturday, I'm baking two Jewish favorites: NYC CHALLAH and RUGELACH. They are the rich fruit & nut cookies pictured below & on my business cards. People ask me all of the time, "when are you going to bake those?" Duh, this week!!!  Because I create a limited amount in small batches, they're only guaranteed to be available by prior special order. If I have extra, they'll be around Friday night, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Email or call me by 5pm on Wednesday to order yours.

Sunday I'll be at the Palma Sola Farmer's Market 10-2, held at Geraldson's Community Farm. This week I'll be turning a gorgeous bunch of Red Russian Kale into Kale Chips. This is an easier magic trick than the one that transported my parents from Russia/Poland to New York City. Stop by, have a taste, buy some organic kale & get the recipe. I'll be bringing a selection of my homemade jam, chutney, muffins, Breadstix & who knows what else?

I was amazed at how my big stash of homemade jam & chutney were scooped up at the craft fair, MADE HERE, last week. I honestly thought I had canned enough to last me through 2012. After the Farmer's Mkt on Sunday I was left with less than a dozen jars. I guess a lot of people thought $4 handmade jam makes a great present. I plan to make more this week, but who knows how that will work out. So if you want to order anything in time for Xmas, including hand decorated holiday sugar cookies, now is the time to plan.

Homemade Jam & Chutney (limited amounts)  $4/8 oz
Mango Strawberry Cardamom, Mango Daiquiri, Strawberry Balsamic Black Pepper, Mango Meyer Lemon, Berry Basket, Meyer Lemon Bitter Marmalade, Keitt Mango Chutney

Keitt Mango Butter  $5/8 oz
Pure Keitt mango concentrated down for hours with a little sugar & citrus

NYC Challah  $4.50/loaf
Golden on the outside, soft on the inside...just as it should be

NYC Rugelach  $6/8 oz
A soft crust encloses a sweet combo of jam, walnuts and raisins

Breadstix  $4/pkg
Rosemary Parmigiano, Roasted Garlic Blue Cheese, A Mixed Bag (assorted)

Mega Muffins  $2/each
Pumpkin Date Raisin, Aunt Gert's Carrot Spice

Chocolate Orgasm Cookies  $5/pkg
Mostly Belgium Dark Chocolate, chocolate chips & almonds

Large Cookie  $1.50/each
Belgium Dark Chocolate Orange Walnut, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, Belgium Dark Chocolate Lemon (no nuts), Classic Chocolate Chip (no nuts)

TO ORDER: call me at (941) 746-6647 or email

that's my dog Twinkie (almost hidden behind the gate) waiting to welcome you

This week's pickup at my home in The Village of the Arts 
Friday or Saturday between 1-4 (or by appt)
or Sunday at Palma Sola Farmer's Mkt 10-2

Pay by cash or local check made out to "Bonni Brown"

Happy Holiday & hugs from my kitchen,

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