Saturday, March 2, 2013

Some thoughts about what to do this Sunday

This Sunday I have a delicious suggestion of what to do with a head of organic celery and a few apples. The weather helped by nudging me in the right direction and I decided to make vegetarian CELERY APPLE BISQUE. It tastes great cold (think Vichyssoise) or hot, as you can sample it Sunday from 11-3 at the Palma Sola Farmers Market tomorrow. The free recipe and advice (from me) will be available, as well as the organic ingredients at very fair prices (better, fresher & cheaper than at Whole Foods).

I wasn't sure what I was capable of baking this week because I spent so much of it catching up on sleep & absorbing the 10 1/2 hour time difference & jet lag since India. BUT IT'S OVER, I'M BACK!!!

Stop by the Palma Sola Farmers Market and you'll find a few of my new yummy items. There are wonderful mini-breads that I call CHEDDAR BAGUETTES FOR 2, because you can share one for a meal, or pig-out & make it a total meal for one (as I did tonight). Fabulous toasted, as I like most things. The cheese that oozes out & bakes tastes just like bacon...if you're Kosher.


I don't have a photo of this next one because we ate it too quickly. It's an APPLE CRUMBLE CHEESECAKE BAR. If you're looking for a light but decadent dessert, have I got something for you. All of us who taste-tested this today smiled...swooned...then grinned like idiots after licking the crumbs off the plate. It combines so many delicious things without being overwhelming or too sweet. Consider your taste buds embracing a shortbread crust, topped with cheesecake, sauteed cinnamon apples and a streusel topping. You have to experience this. To me it tastes like Apple Crumble Pie with vanilla ice cream...not, but better. Amazing.
You'll also find Chocolate Orgasms, Lemon Blueberry Muffins, juvenile jumping goats who love to be petted, an assortment of  BONNIBAKES cookies (especially those made with Belgium chocolate) and more stuff. Just wanted to say "hi" now that I'm mentally back in FL. Drop by tomorrow I'll share a big hug because with the chillly forecast we'll need all of the warmth we can muster.

              Palma Sola Farmers Market  Sundays 11-3 
held at Geraldson's Community Farm. Go to their FaceBook link 
where you can get driving directions  & more information 

 Hugs from my kitchen,


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