Thursday, April 4, 2013


It's amazing how much stuff we accumulate. Not willingly. Not knowingly. It just happens over time. I think about the mystery of how dust bunnies appear, apparently comprised of nothing, yet they exist. So it was with all of the "treasures" (as someone suggested I call them) that I exhumed from their quiet hiding places at the house. Nicely dressed & ready to chat, they jumped out of their boxes. I, of course, was not especially ready to welcome them with the embrace they expected. I just wanted to get on with it...and get past it.

Some of the dishes I brought back from Spain over the years

Throne Chairs that have been in my family for over 100 years

Oh no, not this again I thought, as I came face-to-face with yet another relic from my past. Years ago I put "it" in a box and shoved it into the dark hole known as the garage. Now "it" had returned. I assessed each item as dispassionately as possible, reminding myself that the goal was to downsize my life. I threw out, sold, donated, re-packed, embraced and moved things into my TreeHouse temporarily. 

Downstairs at the TreeHouse looks like Hoarder's Heaven

Not that I have a permanent place to keep them, these were just the chosen items that made the first cut. As a former therapist I found myself mentally doing a psycho-social evaluation of my situation, while surrounded by dust & everything I'm allergic to. I even called my filmmaker son to bring his camera down because my reality show, "Accidental Hoarder Trapped in A Flea Market", was ready to film.

In reality I know I'm okay, on track with my plan, and just momentarily tired. I've finally forced myself to do what I've been putting off for years. Dealing with the accumulation of a lifetime. I sold the big house, next I'll sort & dispose of things temporarily stored in the TreeHouse, then over the next two months I'll empty the mobile storage units. Years ago my brother & I were the ones who had to clean out our parents' homes. That's a legacy I don't intend to burden my children with. 

The simple solution: put things in, deliver it to my yard, then go through everything.
I rented two small mobile storage units able to pass through my 8' wide driveway gate. With some help, we filled them both, while the small & fragile things came in my car. I sold big items I didn't need, like my 20 quart Hobart mixer & freezer. I donated my late husband Rea's beautiful desk & chair to the Manatee Players for their new Performing Arts venue. It makes me smile to know they went to a wonderful new home.

An art director's desk should live on in a creative atmosphere

On the last day I spent a few minutes daydreaming at my favorite spot, looking at the water, thinking about the great times we shared there. I was truly ready to let go of the house because the first thing I packed & took with me were all of those wonderful memories.

From big cocktail parties to intimate midnight swims, we both loved this spot

Twinkie spent the last two weeks by my side daily as I worked to empty out the house. When it was all done, so was she.

Now that I'm regaining my strength, and floor space, I'm starting to bake again. I'll resume my normal schedule the week of April 15th. 

This Saturday the Bradenton Farmer's Market is being held in the Village of the Arts on 12th St W, in front of my door from 11-4. I'll have my little blue tent in the driveway with CHOCOLATE ORGASMS, APPLE CRUMBLE CHEESECAKE BARS, ROSEMARY PARMIGIANO BREADSTIX, BANANA CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS AND BREAD.  Call or email if you'd like me to "save" you something. Can't wait to see you!!

Starting this Sunday you can find me back at the

                 Palma Sola Farmers Market  Sundays 11-3 
held at Geraldson's Community Farm in NW Bradenton. Go to their FaceBook 
link below where you can get driving directions  & more information

 Hugs from my kitchen,  Bonni


in the Village of the Arts

932 12th Street West

Bradenton, FL   34205

(941)  746-6647

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