Monday, August 26, 2013

If it took seven days to create the world...

why is it taking seven days to clean my TreeHouse & property after several months of renovation? Guess the difference is that I'm in charge...not God.

After months of using my living room as a depository for all sorts of construction materials, excess furniture & boxes of stuff from my other house...IT'S EMPTY, CLEAN & COMFORTABLE!!

And so is the kitchen & counter. My MacBook Air loves having a wide berth of 7 feet of sprawling space...& that's just downstairs.

Upstairs, my new slim desk (where I'm writing this), has so much space around to breathe that the glass block in the floor giggles with reflected light from the kitchen below.

The 10'x16' outdoor deck has been completely enclosed with clear polycarbonate (think Lexan) panels below, and acrylic sliding windows w/screens above. And no bugs!!

I want to coat the wood floor with poly before moving furniture in, but I love how it seems I can touch the outside world with the tip of my fingers. This will be a special space.

Because the Keitt mangoes on my tree decided to ripen en mass, last week I spent a lot of time jamming. The above is a shot of Mango Meyer Lemon & Lime Jam cooking. When the fruit is ripe, it's time for action. So far I've canned 8 varieties of jam, many involving mango, but also some new flavors like fresh Blueberry Lemon Lime. This season will feature a lot of new interesting combinations.

Tomorrow, we tackle cleaning up outside...left over building materials, recyclables, semi-finished project pieces, dying plants & seedlings to start for my urban garden. It never seems to end.

This the 5th home renovation I've been through...and the first without leaning on the strong shoulder of my late husband Rea. But I've been cheating, because I've asked for his help and have felt those loving arms around me, as I've sloughed through these projects. I cling to my personal philosophy, which is whatever obstacle you're facing (in my case cancer, loss & construction), address it straight on & embrace the ride. Every day makes you stronger & gets you closer to the positive conclusion. There's light at the end of every tunnel if you stop, squint & look in the right direction. My umpteen projects will be completed in a couple of weeks and I'm smiling already...and I think Rea is too.

Needless to say, I'm still on my temporary baking sabbatical for a few more weeks, but I've been experimenting with more whole grains in my baked goods. Happily, it seems nothing can keep me away from that oven for long ;-) 

Stay well & happy, thanks for your support, and I'll be back in touch shortly. Looking forward to spending some down-time with my beautiful daughter Abby this holiday weekend!!

My Executive Assistant, Twinkie-The-Brave, is all done in from the renovation & saving her strength until that damn squirrel returns to the mango tree.

Hugs from my kitchen,

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