Monday, August 5, 2013

My POP-UP SHOP is open this Fri & Sat 11-4

This looks like a year's worth of belly button lint caught in a pillow fight, but it's just a sample of the insulation blown into my attic this week, compliments of FPL. It turned out that the $300 voucher they gave me was enough to cover the entire cost of the new insulation.

On top of that, it only took an hour and the material was neatly blown through this snaking tube connecting their truck & my attic. Their free energy survey turned out to be very worthwhile!

My TreeHouse deck enclosure is almost complete, Jo-Ellen has finished the outdoor mural, most of the landscaping is done and I've even begun to organize & price the huge number of items I'm selling. The wild rumpus is about to begin this Friday & Sat 11-4 at 930 12th St W in the Village of the Arts.

Before I rent the former Bonni Bakes building, I've moved my lifetime's collection of "stuff" into it, and will operate a "POP-UP SHOP" for  several weeks until everything is sold.

Because I maintained two kitchens for 12 years & love to collect kitchen gadgets, I'm sure I have something you want. From the

practical to the collectible, including utensil holders, crockery, knives, wine chillers, snail shells, popcorn popper, salad bowls, serving spoons, whisks, food grinders, lemon squeezers, 

stoneware, pitchers, glasses (including great acrylic margarita glasses for 50 cents each), a charming dessert set of 

4 plates & cake stand, vases, framed pictures, hand blown glass, decanters, St Andrews Golf Club (NY) memorabilia, etc.

My collection of Spanish dishes & cazuelas, brought back from Minorca, are unpacked & available. Lots of unique pieces, including an espresso coffee set.

There's antique furniture ranging from an elegant birds-eye maple lady's desk to a little child's desk w/top that opens. Still many containers to unpack, so new things will keep appearing until it's all gone in the next few weeks.

Natuzzi Cream Colored Leather Sofa

In order to make room for my 8' oak dining table & chairs in the TreeHouse, I have to sell my Natuzzi leather sofa, the most comfortable piece of furniture I've ever slept on. All things are in good condition & at great prices. Cash or local check only.


Somehow, I'm going to make time to bake. Several people have asked me to make the RAISIN CINNAMON SWIRL BREAD that I did a few weeks ago. Since I only wound up with half a loaf for myself, I want some too. $5/loaf

Last week's "Taste Testers" tried my experimental Prune Danish. Based on their positive feedback, this weekend I'm going to make JEWISH CHEESE DANISH  $2.50/each

I'm compelled to take advantage of the beautiful fresh blueberries in season, so I'm making my moist, melt-in-your-mouth BLUEBERRY SCONES  $2.50/each

             Order by 5pm Wed for pick-up Fri or Sat
                            all items in limited supply

TO PLACE AN ORDER call me at (941) 746-6647   or

 email  by 5 pm WEDNESDAY 

 Pay by cash or local check made out to Bonni Brown


 in The Village of the Arts  

at former BONNI BAKES building 930 12 St W

FRIDAY or SATURDAY from 11 - 4  

 Hugs from my kitchen,

 P.S.  My building at 930 12th St W is available 

for rent as a gallery, food establishment or home 

business. Call to make an appointment for a tour.

                                      (941) 746-6647

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