Monday, September 30, 2013

Look Mom, I'm hosting an art show, baking & chewing gum at the same time

After months filled with seemingly never-ending construction; tons of landscaping rocks; 100 cubic feet of mulch; temperatures that could rival Hades; planting a new garden area and painting a few walls black, THE TREEHOUSE PROJECT IS DONE!!! Of course, there's still a bit of clean-up before I'm ready to invite you over. Now I can focus on selling off my extra possessions, renting the former BONNI BAKES building and getting back to playing with flour.

This coming weekend is the official opening of the 2013-14 Art Season in The Village of the Arts. We're decorating by "tying one on" (men's ties, that is) on fences throughout the Village. There will be tables of ties for you to pick from & hang one on your favorite place. I think my chartreuse fence makes a perfect backdrop.

During the month of October I'll be hosting an art show of work by the youngest artists to ever have a solo show in the Village. They're 4 & 5 year-old students at Children's Academy of SW Florida, part of an initiative started by Eleanor Roosevelt to provide childcare for working women during WWII. "When I grow up I want to be..." offers a rare glimpse into the inner world of young children through their Art and Words. Their paintings are very reminiscent of Joan Miro, with bold colors & playful strokes. 

Stop by during the ArtWalk on Friday 6-9:30pm and Saturday 11-4pm, enjoy some BONNI BAKES refreshments, and meet some of the artists.  

This show is presented by Friends of the Village, a home grown group of art supporters who help members of our community improve their lives by learning to utilize art as a means of expression.

Jo-Ellen Gorris finished painting the wonderful 20' mural, serving as a backdrop for my arbor, which captures the antics of a cadre of playful fairies. But her work goes beyond mere canvas. This week she stopped by to bring me one who obviously jumped off the page and was running amok around the neighborhood. You can meet Sassafras for yourself & wag a finger at him. Naughty boy!! 

I've been getting ready for the Palma Sola Farmers Market (opening Nov 3rd) by jaMmiNg. Lots of exciting new flavors like Pineapple Mango Rum, Blueberry Lime and Peach Melba, but old favorites are there too including 

Mango Strawberry Cardamom, Mixed Berry, Mango Chutney and the usual suspects. They'll be available during the ArtWalk or can be ordered for pick-up this Friday & Saturday. Details below.

Because I'm creating all the nibbles for the reception, I can only offer a limited number of items for pick-up this week.

Big Cookies   $1.50/each
Individually wrapped & available in the following flavors:
Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Orange Dark Chocolate Walnut, 
Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, Pecan Coconut Milk Chocolate       

Chocolate Orgasm Cookies   $5/pkg
My legendary chocolate delivery system made from melted Belgium Bittersweet chocolate, toasted fresh almonds & chocolate chips. Available in a plain brown bag if you don't intend to share them with others.

Assorted Homemade Jam & Chutney   $4/8 oz jar
Peach Mango Brandy, Mango Strawberry Cardamom, Blueberry Lime, Mango Chutney, Mango Meyer Lemon Lime, Pineapple Mango Rum, Peach Melba, Mixed Berry, Just Blueberry, Ginger Pear Chutney.
Order by 5pm Wed for pick-up Fri or Sat
all items in limited supply

call me at (941) 746-6647 
  or email  

by 5 pm WEDNESDAY 
Pay by cash or local check made out to Bonni Brown

in The Village of the Arts  
at former BONNI BAKES building 
930 12 St W

FRIDAY or SATURDAY from 11 - 4  

 Hugs from my kitchen,

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