Monday, November 18, 2013

Congratulations Mrs Brown, you have a beautiful bouncing baby cucumber...

The 1st Baby Cuke is Delivered!!
If you've been following my progress, Mike & I decided to garden in six Earth Boxes this year. A few weeks ago we planted little seedlings grown from seed. Recently the tomatoes & cukes started expanding like crazy, and now I've harvested the first baby cukes. So far this variety exceeds any of my expectations. Not only is there a fruit behind every flower, but there's no sign of the dreaded powdery mildew (fingers crossed). The cute cukes are thin skinned kirbys with a small seed cavity, extremely crisp & down right delicious. I'll have some available for you during the next few weeks. Just .75 cents each.

Refrigerator Pickles ready to eat in a week

I'm putting together Pickle Kits, which include the handy jar (above), recipe & enough pickling spice to make a quart. This is a no-cook, no-brainer recipe that will have crunchy Kosher Dills on your table within a week.

Isn't that Glenna Roberts behind those goat teats?
We all learned something about milking goats last Sunday at Palma Sola Farmers Market. Maybe the goats were so cooperative because of the live music. In addition to just-picked organic produce & vendors like me, Geraldson Community Farm is located in a beautiful spot. Just across the road is Robinson Preserve, another peaceful retreat for birders, bikers, walkers & nature lovers. Come see us every Sunday 11-3.

Filling for my Veggie Calzone
I finalized something that I've been working on for a long time. My version of a hand-held vegetable pie. I want to thank those of you who were "taste testers" for the various versions. It's vegan (so I can share it with my brother), handy to eat like street food, with a delicious moist filling that packs a nutritrious wallop. 

Bonni Bakes Veggie Calzone
This filling is a mix of kale, squash, onion, apple, quinoa & seasonings wrapped in the same dough I used for my famous Bonni Bakes Thin Crust Pizza. They'll be available soon, along with other fillings.

With the amazing confluence of Thanksgiving & Chanukah this year on Nov 28th, let me know if you need something special for your celebration. Holiday cookies, cocktail knishes, sweet potato pie, kugel or savory bread. 

This is what I'll be making in my kitchen this week; ordering details below:

Bonni's Challah Loaf
Challah Loaf    $4.50
The quintessential Jewish bread, which is always part of welcoming the Sabbath. My Challah is ready to welcome anything you have in mind, including turning it into the famous Brasserie Orange French Toast. Pick up the recipe along with your bread.

Blueberry Lemon Scone   $2.50
Another fabulous way to enjoy the deep richness of juicy blueberries played against the tang of fresh lemon. These moist decadent scones are not for the faint-of-heart or butter haters.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
Big Cookies   $1.50/each
Individually wrapped & available in the following flavors:
Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Orange Belgium Dark Chocolate Walnut, Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, Snickerdoodle, Pecan Coconut Belgium Milk Chocolate

The answer to a chocoholic's prayers

Chocolate Orgasm Cookies   $5/pkg
My legendary chocolate delivery system made from melted Belgium Bittersweet chocolate, toasted fresh almonds & chocolate chips. Available in a plain brown bag if you don't intend to share with others.

Rosemary Parmigiano Breadstix   $4/pkg
One of the most popular flavors, probably because the combo of subtle fresh rosemary & rich Reggiano-Parmigiano cheese create a great background for anything you pair it with. Besides the wonderful flavor, they stand up to humidity & stay crunchy down to the nibs.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin  $2
If you thought Peanut Butter & Jelly is a natural, wait until you taste bananas & chocolate. Each moist muffin is loaded with lots of ooey gooey chocolate chips. I want one now!!!

My Pesticide-Free Haas Avocados  $2  
These yummy avocados are from the tree that my TreeHouse is built around. Their very creamy interior is delicious in a salad or sandwich, filled with shrimp salad or starring in guacamole. A limited number available for a very short time.

Ginger Pear Chutney
Homemade Jam & Chutney   $4/ jar
Peach Mango Brandy, Mango Strawberry Cardamom, Blueberry Lime, Mango Chutney, Mango Meyer Lemon Lime, Pineapple Mango Rum, Peach Melba, Mixed Berry, Blueberry Lemon, Ginger Pear Chutney.

 Everything always hand-made in small batches with the best ingredients & locally sourced when possible. No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or fake stuff EVER!!


FRIDAY or SATURDAY 12-4 in Village of the Arts
at BONNI BAKES Gallery 
930 12 St W (just south of MLK)  


SUNDAY 11-3 at Palma Sola Farmers Market
  at Geraldson's Community Farm, directions at

All items in limited supply...first come, first served

call me at (941) 746-6647 
  or email  


 Hugs from my kitchen,

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