Monday, November 4, 2013

Good-bye Daylight Savings...Hello Darkness

I'm glad we've turned the corner to a new week. This past weekend was over-flowing with activity & good vibes. The Village November ArtWalk's Festival of the Skeletons was celebrated Friday & Saturday and I had to get my shrine ready.

My Dia de los Muertos Shrine honoring people & pets I've loved & lost
Then Sunday opened the season of the Palma Sola Farmers Market from 11-3pm. It was a stretch to get myself physically & mentally in vendor mode. I realized I wasn't quite there yet when the wind started blowing & I didn't have weights to secure my tent. All's well that ends well because it didn't huff & puff & blow my tent down. I should be more organized this Sunday ;-) I'll be there every Sunday & hope you stop by to see me, the goats, the veggies, the vendors & our local organic farm.

My first Kirby cucumber baby
This year I'm doing most of my gardening in Earth Boxes along my driveway, where the sun is strongest. Last week I discovered the first baby cuke. This is what the plant looks like this week:

there are more than a dozen little cukes, mostly hidden from view under the lush leaves. The veggie roots have settled in and now the growth is explosive. The various cherry tomato plants are flowering too. Can't wait until harvest begins. If I have extras, I'll make them available for you to enjoy too.

Pineapple top being stripped of excess leaves
I'm also starting a few pineapple plants, which is a great way to recycle the tops of fresh pineapples. Cut a few inches below the top leaves and remove the fleshy fruit around the solid core. That will expose a round core surrounded by the attached upper leaves. Pull some off, following the natural order, and it exposes root-like structures circling (see above). Take a jar, fill with water high enough to allow the core to be submerged. Change the water every few days so no yucky stuff accumulates. In a few weeks thin white roots will appear; then plant outside in the sun. It takes a long time for new fruit to start growing, but the plants self multiply. How patient are you?

Here's what I'm happily baking in my kitchen this week:

Whole Wheat Raisin Walnut Loaf
Whole Wheat Raisin Walnut Bread    $5/loaf
It took me years to come up with this recipe that is reminiscent of those delicious Chock Full 'O Nuts Cheese Sandwiches of my childhood. A mix of whole wheat & white flour, with plump raisins & toasted walnuts. Fabulous toasted with a schmear of cream cheese. Who am I to re-invent a classic.

Pecan Coconut Belgium Milk Chocolate Cookie
Big Cookies   $1.50/each
Individually wrapped & available in the following flavors:
Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Orange Belgium Dark Chocolate Walnut, Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, Pecan Coconut Belgium Milk Chocolate, Classic Snickerdoodle, (NEW) Pumpkin Oat White Chocolate Cranberry    

The answer to a chocoholic's prayers

Chocolate Orgasm Cookies   $5/pkg
My legendary chocolate delivery system made from melted Belgium Bittersweet chocolate, toasted fresh almonds & chocolate chips. Available in a plain brown bag if you don't intend to share with others.

Kalamata Feta Breadstix   $4/pkg
Flavors of the Mediterranean (Kalamata olives, capers, Feta, oregano & olive oil) in a crisp breadstick that won't fade in the Florida humidity. Great on their own or the perfect partner with soup, salad or dip.

A filling meal in your hand when you're on the run

Bonni's Breakfast Muffin   $2
Satisfy your breakfast cravings with a gentle fine grained corn muffin studded with crisp cooked bacon, sauteed scallions and melted Cheddar cheese. Mighty filling & mighty fine.

You'll know why they're OUTRAGEOUS as soon as you take a bite

Outrageous Walnut Brownies  $2.50
The moist deep chocolate interior is a nice counterpoint to the shiny thin crust that holds in the cake and  toasted walnuts. If you like cake brownies, these are NOT for you.

The classic combo of peach, raspberry & vanilla

Homemade Jam & Chutney   $4/8 oz jar
Peach Mango Brandy, Mango Strawberry Cardamom, Blueberry Lime, Mango Chutney, Mango Meyer Lemon Lime, Pineapple Mango Rum, Peach Melba, Mixed Berry, Blueberry Lemon, Ginger Pear Chutney.

 Everything always hand-made in small batches with the best ingredients & locally sourced when possible. No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or fake stuff EVER!!


FRIDAY or SATURDAY 11-4 in Village of the Arts
at BONNI BAKES Gallery 
930 12 St W (just south of MLK)  


SUNDAY 11-3 at Palma Sola Farmers Mkt
  at Geraldson's Community Farm, directions at

All items in limited supply...first come, first served

call me at (941) 746-6647 
  or email  


 Hugs from my kitchen,

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