Monday, January 19, 2015

It's back...the Penis Tree returns to the Village

A few years ago Village metal artist Victor Garcia made a 12' birthday present for Village clay artist Mark Runnals, and installed it in his front yard. As nice as that was, when our then City Councilman Rev. Golden (who only visited the Village for photo-ops) heard about the gift, he called a special meeting of City Council to try and have it removed. The artwork, a magnificent fruited tree created in aluminum and titled "End of Innocence", sported hanging fruit that resembled male & female genitalia.

Over the course of several weeks there were threats, protests, discussions with the ACLU, media publicity and a lot of folks walking past Mark's house. Ultimately, freedom of speech won out over the City's inappropriate attempts to censor art on private property. Some years later Mark moved, taking with him what had come to be known as "The Penis Tree".

Today Mark and Victor installed the artwork in the front yard of Kim's Once over Twice Gallery, 1015 12th St West. It's just down the street from me, so the next time you pick-up your baked goods take a minute to enjoy Victor's talent & welcome it back home where it belongs. Thanks Mark for sharing it.

Victor also spent weeks creating the beautiful aluminum bannister railings for my TreeHouse, designed by John Secleter. You can see them when my house will be Open during the annual Village Garden Tour this Spring.

This Saturday, January 24th, Rea & I would have celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. We could never remember whether we married on the 23rd or 24th, so we just celebrated both days each year. Our wedding took place at St. Andrews Golf Club in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY where he was the Golf Captain that year. Being a second wedding for both of us, we just wanted everyone we knew to share in our happiness. Rea hand wrote our wedding invitation, including a hand drawn map. The Judge was drunk, but that was no surprise since everyone playing golf with him that day knew he was to officiate at our wedding that evening, and helped him on his way. 

We catered the food from Zabars and Citarella in NYC, heavy on the halavah and cold shrimp. Mary, the head waitress, worried that my 9 year old son wanted to eat dessert first instead of the order planned for the buffet. Who cared, it was his Mom's wedding. My daughter Abby was beautiful in tights & ballet slippers. Our wonderful friends Judy & Ben surprised us with a wedding cake but got lost in the bad weather and almost missed the ceremony. Uncle Irv's car suffered a flat tire and several guests went out into the snow & repaired it so he could take Aunt Gert home.  My brother & friends provided the wonderful music but few of us recognized him with a mustache. 

Many people thought our union would never last and a few even called me the "trophy wife". We never wasted a minute thinking about that, we were too happy feeling lucky at having found another chance at love. And we relished that forever. While I miss Rea & the life we shared together I'll be forever grateful that somehow two wounded birds learned to trust again and together discover magic beyond anything they had known before. No one & nothing is perfect, you have to take a chance on love, but sometimes the rewards are incredible. Good luck!

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 Hugs from my kitchen,

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