Monday, April 13, 2015

MY DOWNsizing has begun!

One of the benefits of living in the Village of the Arts is that you're surrounded by talent. When I decided that I wanted a painting done of my TreeHouse, I chose neighbor & friend Joan Peters of Joan Peters Gallery. Today she arrived with acrylic paints, brushes, easel & her discerning artistic eye. Within a few hours Joan captured the essence of the house that took me three years to design & build. You can reach her at (941) 365-9960. Stop by her gallery in the Village at 1210 11th Ave W or visit her website I'll post the finished painting when it's available.

Thanks to Leslie & John who bought my antique secretary/china cabinet. It was used by family members for almost a century and now they're entrusted with enjoying it throughout the 21st century.

I've started going through some of my plastic storage totes that hold mysterious contents from my former house & bakery. My plan is to unpack & set everything out for sale that I won't be bringing to NYC. Think of it as a POP-UP SHOP for the entire month of May. I'll post pictures and details when we get closer.

After a few weeks of benign neglect the veggie plants in the Earth Boxes are flowering & fruiting. There are baby 

Patty Pan Squash, Juliet Tomatoes and Green Lake String Beans. For the first time I'm also growing a few herbs in a box. The Lemon Thyme is able to withstand the soaring heat without wilting.

The Basil is exploding with tons of new growth, which means fresh pesto to me. I'm sure it will show up in a galette or loaf of bread very soon.

If there is something specific you'd like me to make in the coming weeks, send an email to  I'll give first consideration to those of you returning north soon.

This week I made some jars of Berry Basket Jam, a delicious combo of raspberry, blueberry, strawberry & blackberry. For a more tropical palate I also made Mango Pineapple Rum Jam laced with Appleton Jamaican Dark Rum. This is probably the last chance I'll have to use the unbelievably delicious Keitt mango from my tree.

THIS WEEK'S MENU     Pick-up  Fri  April 17   1-5 pm

Each cookie has its own personality & unique flavor profile. Some are seductive, using the allure of Belgium chocolate to get your attention. Others invoke memories of childhood or a less complicated time. Find your match amongst Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, Orange Walnut Belgium Bittersweet Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate ChipSnickerdoodlePecan Coconut Belgium Milk Chocolate. 

My legendary chocolate delivery system made with melted Belgium bittersweet chocolate throughout, toasted fresh almonds, chocolate chips & very little flour. Sold in packages of 4 because you must have more than one.

The marvelous combination of whole wheat, carrots, nuts, coconut, pineapple, apple and orange in a single muffin. Whole grain + fruit + veggie = perfect & filling for breakfast or a snack anytime.

Sitting down to a cup of tea or coffee with a satisfying chunk of cake is a Jewish tradition. In many places around the world this Coffee Cake, filled with chocolate, walnuts & cinnamon, is what you'll be offered if you're lucky.

The real deal, handmade with cream cheese dough that bakes into a melt-in-your-mouth flaky pastry. Filled with Belgium Chocolate chunks, Raspberry Jam & toasted Pecans. WARNING:  These sold out very quickly last time.

Each starts with a soft rounded bun baked with something inside.  BACON has sauteed onions & crisp bacon inside. CHEESE has melted Gouda & Parmesan inside. Make a quick satisfying meal:  split the bun, fill with a fried egg & cheese then grill like a panini...delish!

Grilled Bacon Bun split & filled with a fried egg & cheese

NEW YORK CHALLAH    $4.50/loaf
The classic bread used by Jews to celebrate Sabbath all over the world. A golden crust with soft interior; made with eggs and a second cousin to brioche. Use leftovers for the best French toast ever!

JAM & CHUTNEY      $4/jar  
Made in small batches with locally available fruit, including Keitt mangoes & Meyer lemons from my own pesticide-free trees. Mango Chutney, Ginger Pear Chutney, NEW Berry Basket Jam NEW Mango Pineapple Rum Jam 

No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives EVER!!


all items in limited supply... first come, first served

PICK UP FRIDAY 1-5 pm at Bonni's Treehouse

in the Village of the Arts

   932 12th Street West 

(down the driveway thru the white wrought iron gate) 


or call me at (941) 746-6647 


 Hugs from my kitchen,


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